Toaster oven blown fuse

Life happens in the kitchen. That's why we've developed revolutionary cooking appliances that look as beautiful as they perform, including: Ovens: With wide cooking cavities, easy-to-clean finishes, precise temperature controls and the latest convection technology, our innovative single and double wall ovens will change the way you bake, braise, roast and broil. I have a Breville 'smart toaster oven' which I've used for 7 years in two different apartments with no problems. As of the last month, the toaster oven will randomly trip the circuit (that is, in the kitchen wall outlet, which can be reset by clicking in the button in the outlet itself; does not trip the fuse in the house-wide breaker ... The fuse is hidden behind thermal insulation that disintegrates as soon as you touch it.Two screws on the inside oven wall,clip all the plastic wire ties, then pinch the wire nuts open,remove old fuse & replace with new one.Then just reverse the order of screws you removed.